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The Technical Cooperation Programme is a natural extension of the normative and analytical work of the Economic and Social Commission of Western Asia (ESCWA). Through that Programme, ESCWA provides advisory services and technical support for member countries and development partners to achieve inclusive and sustainable development. Member countries themselves define the scope of action and services in the areas of socialf and economic development, sustainable development and productivity, information and communication technology, statistics, empowerment of women, and emerging and conflict-related issues.

To fulfil its mission, ESCWA adopts two mechanisms of action and intervention. The first mechanism is a biennial plan of action including programmes and activities such as conducting studies and research, holding regional seminars and meetings, and analysing priorities and needs in consultation with member countries.

The second mechanism is the Technical Cooperation Programme which supplements the regular programme by providing member countries with services in specific areas.

The Technical Cooperation Programme aims to assist member countries in establishing development strategies, strengthening human resources and disseminating knowledge and information in the required fields by supporting and implementing policies to respond to sensitive and emerging socio-economic issues, to accelerate progress in the fulfilment of regional and global commitments by member countries, tobuild knowledge-sharing networks between member countries, to strengthen South-South cooperation and to implement innovated field projects.

Technical cooperation services are provided for member countries in the form of:
(a) Policy advice and technical support (advisory services);
(b) Capacity-building and knowledge sharing (workshops, fellowships and study tours);
(c) Pilot field projects.

Technical cooperation activities are managed through the Regular Programme of Technical Cooperation (RPTC), the Development Account (DA) and extrabudgetary resources including the Trust Fund.

ESCWA Technical Cooperation Services

The Regular Programme of Technical Cooperation is available to all 18 ESCWA member countries, based on demand. Coordinated through the network of TC focal points established in 2007, ESCWA responds to requests for technical cooperation through its regional advisors, technical staff and its network of consultants.

ESCWA employs regional advisors in different areas of expertise based on member country priorities and emerging needs.
In 2011, ESCWA employed six regional advisors in the areas of:

  • Environment and Water;
  • Social Policy;
  • The Millennium Development Goals;
  • Information and Communications Technology;
  • National Accounts and Economic Statistics;
  • Empowerment and Advancement of Women.

Regional Advisors are available to provide services to member countries upon request, providing Governments with policy advisory services, technical support and training in their respective areas of expertise.

How to Get Technical Cooperation Services
  • Click here to download the relevant forms;
  • Identify and specify the exact terms of reference for the assistance required;
  • Consult with the national TC focal point in your country;
  • Send your request through the TC focal point to the Programme Planning and Technical Cooperation Division in ESCWA.
Final Reports of the Meetings of theTechnical Cooperation Network