Four Workshops of ESCWA in Sudan on: Quality of e-Services, Technology Incubators, and ICT Academic for Development

In efforts to fulfill 4 technical cooperation requests which ESCWA has received from the National Information Center (NIC) in Sudan to provide advisory services on the development of a framework for e-Services quality and the development of technology incubators in Sudan, in addition to technical support for two capacity-building workshops dedicated to Journalists Union and Labor Union on ICT Academy for development for Government Leaders in Sudan, and invitation to contribute to the ceremony of national information day, ESCWA organized four workshops in Khartoum from 25 to 30 March 2017 to provide the needed technical assistance.
Represented by Dr. Nawar Al-Awa, Regional Advisor on Technology for Development, ESCWA conducted these workshops and delivered a number of lectures in addition to moderating a number of sessions during the four workshops.
The opening ceremony of the two ICT Academy workshops was patronized by H.E. Minister of ICT Dr. Tahani Attieh, and attended by more than 70 participants in each workshop. Dr. Al-Awa delivered a presentation on ESCWA Technical cooperation activities in the field of technology for development at the opening session, and covered several training sessions on the impact of technology on sustainable development in each of the two workshops. Participants recommended continuing cooperation with ESCWA in the area of capacity building in technology for development in Sudan.
The Workshop on technology incubators development in Sudan, conducted by ESCWA in partnership with NIC and Sudan Foundation, brought together representatives of various innovation stakeholders. It was opened in the presence of H.E. Mr. Sadiq Fadlallah Minister of State for ICT, and was attended by more than 60 delegates from various national authorities. The workshop recommended that NIC would support the establishment of Technology Incubators by adopting the business model suggested by ESCWA and by implementing the agreed-on steps in order to establish this incubator.
In the workshop on e-Services quality in Sudan, ESCWA presented best practices and international methodologies measuring the quality of e-Services, in addition to suggesting a national framework for assessing the quality of e-Services in Sudan. The workshop was opened by H.E. Mr. Sadiq Fadlallah Minister of State for ICT in Sudan, and attended by more than 70 participants from various national e-Services providers. The workshop discussed ESCWA proposal and recommended the adoption of the suggestion to evaluate e-Services in Sudan. A national teamwork would be designated to follow-up.
Participants in the four workshops expressed their appreciation for the scientific content of these workshops, through discussions and final workshop evaluation. Discussions and meetings also showed the need for such workshops and stressed on the importance of capacity building and advisory services provided by ESCWA in coordination with national partners, in the area of technology for development.