Two ESCWA Workshops in Mauritania on: e-Government Strategies and Indicators

Based on two advisory requests received from the Ministry of Employment, Vocational Qualification and ICTs (MoEVQICT) in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, for ESCWA to provide technical assistance on e-Government policy development, ESCWA organized two workshops in Nouakchott from 10 to 12 April 2017. Dr. Nawar Al-Awa, Regional Advisor on Technology for Development, represented ESCWA during the two workshops, contributed several presentations and moderated all workshops sessions. Participants expressed their appreciation of the substantive content of the two workshops. Discussions and meetings also highlighted the need for such workshops and emphasized the importance of capacity-building and advisory services provided by ESCWA in coordination with national partners in the areas of technology for development.
The first workshop on e-Government Strategies and Policies was inaugurated at El-Khater Hotel by both the General Secretary of MoEVQICT, Mr. Mohamad Ould Haiba, and the General Director of the Agency of Universal Access Services, Mr. Sidi Mohamad Ould Mouaz, with the participation of more than 30 participants. Dr. Al-Awa delivered ESCWA opening statement, highlighting ESCWA technical cooperation activities in technology for development, and gave three presentations on e-Government concepts, strategies, best practices and new trends. Participants recommended continued cooperation with ESCWA on the development of e-Government Strategy in Mauritania and on capacity-building related to the ICT Academy for Development for all public entities in Mauritania.
The second workshop on e-Government Indicators also took place at el-Khater Hotel with more than 30 participants from various national bodies, including delegates from the MoEVQICT and representatives from various data collection and statistics management agencies. Dr. Al-Awa delivered three presentations on key ICT indicators and data collection mechanisms, e-Government indicators and the Government Electronic and Mobile Services (GEMS) maturity index. The workshop also included the pilot implementation of GEMS index on two selected e-services in Mauritania. Participants recommended the full implementation of GEMS index during 2017, and the continued technical cooperation with ESCWA to hold similar workshops in order to reflect the latest national achievements on regional and international level.