ESCWA hosts the fifth meeting of Arab e-Government Program Directors

Within the framework of enhancing technical cooperation among ESCWA member countries in the area of e-Government, the Technology for Development Division (TDD) organized the fifth meeting of Arab e-Government program directors at the United Nations House in Beirut on 26 April 2017.
At this meeting, Dr. Haidar Fraihat, Director of TDD, delivered the welcoming notes and presented the meeting agenda. Dr. Nawar Al-Awa, Regional Advisor in TDD, delivered a presentation to summarize the main outcomes of the previous four meetings of the Arab e-Government Program Directors, and highlighted the implemented recommendations since 2013. The main achievements of e-Gov plan in Sudan were then presented by Mr. Mohamed Abdel Rahim Yassin, Director General of the National Information Center (NIC) in Sudan. After that, Mr. Ayman El-Sherbiny, Chief of ICT Policies Section at TDD presented ESCWA activities in the area of smart government, and the related studies under preparation.
The meeting also included a presentation by both Dr. Haidar Fraihat and Dr. Nawar Al-Awa on e-Government measurement indicators. In this presentation, the framework of the eGDI index and the GEMS maturity index were detailed. It also included a proposal to add to eGDI index a pillar on service maturity. Participants discussed the challenges faced by the eGDI index and the potential ways to overcome them. An extensive discussion of the required amendments to the eGDI index followed the presentation, focusing on weights and key performance indicators (KPIs) adopted for each of index pillars.
Participants recommended to present regularly the outputs of their meetings to the ESCWA Intergovernmental Committee on Technology for Development, to support ESCWA proposal to amend eGDI Index. They also noted the importance of ESCWA technical cooperation activities and capacity building workshops in the field of e-Government measurement.