Multiple ESCWA meetings Sudan on: "Establishment of an Observatory for ICT Indicators"

Within the framework of the technical cooperation program implemented by ESCWA in cooperation with Arab Member States, and upon a request received from the National Information Center (NIC) to provide technical support in the establishment of an ICT Indicators Observatory in Sudan, ESCWA, represented by Dr. Nawar Al-Awa, Regional Adviser in Technology for Development Division (TDD), undertook a mission to Khartoum on 26 December 2017 to hold a number of meetings with national agencies involved in ICT indicators production.
Held at the National Information Center (NIC), these meetings were started with an expanded one with the NIC Director General Mr. Mohamed Abdel Rahim Yassin and main NIC directors to discuss the observatory framework, infrastructure, legal and human resources. Data collection mechanisms in the area of e-services were also discussed. The second meeting was with the Telecommunications Regulation Authority (TRA) in Sudan to discuss the availability of administrative data, then another meeting with the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) took place to discuss ICT access indicators and ICT usage in households. The fourth meeting was held with representatives of the Ministry of Education to discuss the availability of ICT indicators in educational institutions. After then, a meeting with the Ministry of Trade was held to discuss ICT trade indicators. Finally, a warp-up meeting was conducted with NIC representatives to discuss the initial ESCWA suggestion of ICT Observatory, and to agree on future collaboration steps to establish it.
Meeting participants expressed their appreciation and emphasized on the importance of the initial ESWCA proposal. Discussions and meetings also highlighted the importance of capacity building and advisory services provided by ESCWA in coordination with national partners, particularly in the area of ICT indicators.